Welcome to CMU’s Academic Senate and Curriculum Practices home page.  This website is the central repository for information related to academic policies, procedures, and practices critical to CMU’s academic community. 

The Academic Senate of Central Michigan University is a proud supporter of the academic community, upholding the University’s mission statement and core values through strong academic policies and practices leading to quality programs.

Through the coordinated efforts of the College Curricular Committees, Senate Review Committees, and the Academic Senate, the curricular process at CMU moves forward with integrity, excellence, and innovation.

Areas of interest on this site include:

Academic Senate, E-Board, Policies and Procedures: Membership, Scheduled Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, Policies and Procedures, Presentations to the Academic Senate, President and Provost Reports, Index of Actions, and Annual Reports

Academic Senate Appointed Committees and Councils: Senate Review Committees, College Curriculum Committees, Shared Governance and Communications Committee, Other Standing Committees and Elected Committees, and Best Practices for Committees/Councils
  • The Academic Planning Council (APC), a committee under the Office of the Provost, reviews and evaluates proposals involving new degrees, undergraduate majors, minors, graduate certificates, and graduate programs prior to the submission to the relevant Senate Review Committee. 
Curriculum Information and Resources: These resources are provided for the benefit of CMU faculty and staff members through the continuing collaboration of curriculum practices.  Information related to new course development, course modification, new program planning, and program modifications can be accessed on this page, including helpful guides supporting the Curriculum Authority Document (CAD).

Master Course Syllabus (MCS): These resources include access to the current Master Course Syllabus (MCS) directory for all CMU courses, along with templates and resources for developing MCS in alignment with CMU’s curricular approval processes.

Live Stream Academic Senate Meetings and Previous Recorded Meetings

Contact Information

Katrina Piatek-Jimenez  
Academic Senate Chairperson
Park Library 400

Lilah Galvin  
Academic Senate Office Executive Secretary  
Park Library 400  

Laura McGuire  
Editor, University Bulletin and Curriculum Minutes
Park Library 413Q
989) 774-1590  
Mike Carson  
Director, Curriculum & Assessment   
Park Library 413M
(989) 774-7714