Art on Campus

The Central Michigan University Art Collection has over 700 unique works of art created by alumni and nationally recognized artists. The works are displayed throughout the campus and range from the monumental sculpture, Gateway (Centennial Sculpture) by internationally known and Michigan’s own Charles McGee; to prints, paintings, fiber art, sculpture and drawings found throughout the Park Library. CMU’s Art on Campus Committee has been charged with the care and acquisition of the collection. 

This website is a work in progress as the committee continues to populate the site with information regarding our artists, our collection and upcoming events. If you should have questions please reach out to Anne Gochenour, or Kristen Kosuda-Suhr.

Gateway (Centennial Sculpture) by Charles McGee
Charles McGee

Gateway (Centennial Sculpture)
steel, awl grip
Central Michigan University Collection,
 commission for CMU Centennial celebration