How should I prepare for my appointment?‚Äč

If you are just getting started, your consultant will help you brainstorm ideas for speech topics. If you have a draft of your speech outline, your consultant can discuss your speech's focus or argument, help you develop and organize supporting ideas, and provide feedback on your delivery and style.  Before your appointment, be sure to:

- Review the instructions given by your professor carefully. Seek clarification for any guideline about which you are uncertain. Bring a copy of the assignment to your practice session at the Presentation Skills Center.

 - Schedule your practice session at the Presentation Skills Center one to two weeks before the class presentation or group discussion. This will give you time to revise, make suggested changes, and to practice several days in advance.  It also allows time to schedule a follow-up appointment, if desired.

  - Bring your ideas, notes, speech outline, research materials, and any multimedia included in your presentation. Plan to rehearse with all materials you will use in your actual presentation.