The New Venture Challenge tests students to utilize an entrepreneurial mindset to transform their big ideas into successful businesses. Through a series of 12 workshops, you are given the opportunity to learn start-up skills, build key relationships, pitch your ideas, compete for funding, and prepare to launch your business.

New Venture Competition Ideation Bootcamp students sitting at a table working on idea creation


  • Join a series of workshops that guide you through the start-up process. 
  • Build key relationships with mentors, advisors, investors, and more.
  • Discover ideation, customer validation, and other start-up skills.

New Venture Competition with student pitching their business


  • Pitch your business idea to receive feedback.
  • Refine your idea and enhance your business concept based on professional feedback.  

NVC team named Embrace shows off their thermal bra with a live dummy


  • Utilize the skills you have learned to launch your business.

The competition is led by CMU's College of Business Administration's
Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship.