Introduction to Museums (MST 310)
An introduction to the role of museums in society, as well as to museum management, operations and careers. Prerequisite: 36 hours of course credit.

Museums, Stakeholders and Communities (MST 315)
Conceptual and practical knowledge for dealing effectively with diverse museum audiences, collaborators and stakeholders on mission-fulfilling activities that enhance the organization's value to society. Prerequisite: MST 310.

Collections Stewardship and Curatorial Work (MST 320)
This course covers basic museum collections management and care policies and procedures, as well as mission-based collections planning and curatorial research techniques. Prerequisite: MST 310.

Public Programming in Museums (MST 325)
This course focuses on developing mission-driven, audience-focused public and educational programs; planning, implementing and evaluating programs; and enhancing interpretive methods and skills. Prerequisite: MST 310.

Independent Study in Museum Studies (MST 575)
Study of specific selected topics in museum theory or practice at a level suitable for advanced undergraduates or graduate students. Prerequisites: MST 310.

Museum Internship (MST 598)

(6 cr. hrs.)
Supervised experience in the operation of museum facilities and programs. Designed to apply a variety of classroom concepts and skills within a supervised organizational setting. Click here for Internship packet.

Past courses


A special topic Honors Program course offered in Spring 2020

Study Abroad with Museum Studies! 

Culture and Museums of Ireland.  Explore Ireland's rich cultural heritage through the sights and sounds of Dublin's many museums. The trip will consist of visits to such places as the National Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and include day trips out to Dublin's surrounding areas. Students will also get a rare behind-the-scenes look at how the National Museum of Ireland-Decorative Arts & History houses and cares for its 500,000 objects. Come and experience museums on an International level!  Click here to go to the Study Abroad Website!

Introduction to Museum Work (MST 546)
(3 cr. hrs.)
Exploration of the duties and responsibilities encountered in museum work. Collection care and development, exhibit preparation, administration, and educational program development.

Museum Collections Management and Care (MST 550)
(3 cr. hrs.)
This course covers registrarial and curatorial techniques in museums including acquisition, cataloging, legal requirements, preservation, computerization, and proper handling.

Museum Education and Interpretation (MST 551)
(3 cr. hrs.)
Interpretative methods used by museums including development and implementation of programs and enhancement of interpretive skills.