Scholarship Appeal Process

CMU Scholarship Appeals can be submitted to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for the following:
Academic Honors Scholarship, Community College Transfer Scholarship, Outstanding High School Student Scholarship, Cofer/Multicultural Advancement Scholarship, Multicultural Advancement Award of Distinction and the President’s Award Scholarship.

When should a student submit a scholarship appeal?
If the student did not meet the minimum cumulative GPA or completed credit hour requirements at the end of the academic year and can provide documentation of extenuating circumstances, an appeal should be submitted prior to the following Fall semester.

How can I submit an appeal?
Students wishing to submit an appeal should send their written statement and documentation of their extenuating circumstances by fax to (989) 774-3634 or by email to The written statement should include the scholarship the student is appealing, an explanation of why the minimum requirements were not met and what the student’s plan of action is to meet the minimum requirements. Documents may also be sent or dropped off to our office: Scholarships & Financial Aid, Warriner 202, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

What if my appeal is in regard to the on-campus living requirement?
If your appeal is in regard to the on-campus living requirement for freshman and sophomores, please contact Residence Life at (989) 774-3111 or by visiting their website at Residence Life must review and approve this type of appeal.

What are extenuating circumstances?
Extenuating circumstances may include: serious illness of student or immediate family member, death of immediate family member. Supporting documentation should accompany the student’s written appeal and may consist of a statement from a professional doctor, counselor or advisor who assisted you, physician’s statements with dates of treatment, court records, obituaries, etc.

Can I appeal if this was my first year at CMU and I had trouble adjusting or roommate issues?
Appeals of this nature are not usually approved. Scholarship losses due to personal issues without documentation of extenuating circumstances will not be considered.

What are the renewal criteria for my particular scholarship?
Renewal criteria for each scholarship can differ. Individual scholarship requirements can be found in the Scholarships & Financial Aid Information Manual on pages 10 & 11. Honor’s scholarships generally require a student maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA and complete at least 24 NEW credit hours per year.

What if I took a summer course and my GPA now meets the minimum requirement or I have completed 24 NEW credit hours?
Please contact the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office by email to and request a review of your scholarship status due to the fact that your summer course raised your cumulative GPA above the minimum required GPA or you completed 24 NEW credit hours (not a repeat course) after your summer grades post.

My scholarship is an 8 semester award but I am graduating in 7 semesters, can I appeal?
Appeals for early graduation require a student to have applied for graduation. The student should submit a written personal appeal and attach a copy of their Pre Graduation Audit to the Scholarships & Financial Aid office for review.

Will I be notified regarding my appeal status?
Appeals can take up to 10-15 business days to review. After all documentation is received in regard to your appeal, you will be notified by email if your appeal has been approved or denied. Appeals that are approved are usually on a probationary status and the probationary requirements will be explained at the time of approval.


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