CMU Business Credit Card Program Q&A

Q: What is the CMU Business Credit Card?

A: The CMU Business Credit Card is a university liability credit card available to CMU employees as an option to pay for university supplies, equipment, travel and entertainment.

Q: Can any employee get a CMU Business Credit Card?

A: Any CMU employee responsible for traveling on university business, entertaining guests and/or purchasing supplies is eligible for a CMU Business Credit Card with supervisor or department chair approval.

Q: Is the CMU Business Credit Card required for all employees?

A: No, the CMU Business Credit Card is an option for paying for supplies, travel and entertainment related to university business.

Q: Do I have to use the CMU Business Credit Card?

A: No, while we encourage employees to use it, for supply and equipment items over $500 employees may process an on-line purchase requisition via the Purchasing Services web site or pay as an NPO. Employees may use their own means to pay for items and then seek reimbursement once per month according to the Payroll & Travel Services reimbursement schedule.

Q: If I don't get the CMU Business Credit Card but have out of pocket expenses for university business, how do I get reimbursed?

A: Employees may still be reimbursed through Payroll & Travel Services, once per month for any allowable business expenses that are incurred from their own funds. The Employee Reimbursement Voucher is used.

Q: While traveling if my meal costs charged against the CMU Business Credit Card exceed the per diem what happens?

A: If the overall net of your monthly reimbursement form is more than what is allowed for your expenses then the amount will be deducted from your pay.

Q: While traveling, how do I pay for taxis, gratuities or other expenses where a credit card is not accepted?

A: Employees may either pay for these items from their own funds or take out a cash advance (up to $200).

Q: Do I have to submit all receipts for all purchases on the CMU Business Credit Card?

A: Itemized receipts are required for all purchases except per diem meals while traveling.

Q: Is there a dollar limit on purchases made with the CMU Business Credit Card?

A: Employees may spend up to $4,999.00 on a single transaction for supply and/or equipment items with the CMU Business Credit Card. The limit for Travel and Entertainment expenses is determined by what is approved by the department supervisor or chair when the employee applies for the card.

Q: Can I purchase personal items with the CMU Business Credit Card?

A: No. The CMU Business Credit Card is a university credit card to be used only for appropriate university expenses.

Q: Who has to review and sign the monthly documentation?

A: The cardholder and their immediate supervisor, dean or department chair.

Q: Can I charge other employee's travel expenses to my card?

A: No, each employee is responsible for their travel expenses (except for conference fees and airfare).

Q: How do I split my expenses between several cost centers or general ledger (GL's) accounts when the card is attached to only one cost center and one GL?

A: Departments may utilize ActivePay​ to move expenses to various cost centers or GL accounts.

Q: If I do not have any expenses on my card during a particular month do I still have to submit the card statement?

A: No, cardholders only have to submit documentation for months with activity.

Q: Will my card be terminated if I don't use it for a period of time?

A: Cards not used for an extended period of time (possibly one year) will be eliminated.

Q: If I don't pay for anything with my credit card during the month but I have out-of-pocket expenses when can I get reimbursed?

A: If you are a CMU Business Credit Card holder, please submit out-of-pocket expenses by the 15th of the month using the business card reconciliation form.

Q: If I plan to purchase a large number of small dollar items, do I use the CMU Business Credit Card or do I get a purchase order from Purchasing?

A: Please contact Purchasing (989) 774-3929, to see if there is a possible discount savings in using a purchase order.

Q: What is the billing period of the CMU Business Credit Card?

A: The billing period, also known as the statement period is from the 25th of the current month to the 24th of the following month. (i.e. July 25th - August 24th ). If the 24th falls on a weekend the statement period will end on the following Monday.