The following definitions apply to these policies.

  1. PRINTED MATERIALS: Written communications including leaflets, handbills, literature, signs, cloth signs or posters.

  2. DISTRIBUTION: The practice of delivering or passing out PRINTED MATERIALS, including leafleting or hand billing.

  3. DEMONSTRATING: The practice of patrolling, marching, walking, standing or sitting, usually with placards or other signs, to publicize a point of view.

  4. RELATED FIRST AMENDMENT ACTIVITY: The practice of (1) asking an individual to sign a petition or registration, or (2) asking an individual to support or oppose an issue or support or oppose a candidate for office, or (3) asking an individual to register to vote.

  5. AMPLIFIED SOUND: Sound which has been amplified by electronic means, or otherwise, including public address equipment, sound vehicles and amplified musical instruments.

  6. TEMPORARY STRUCTURES: Sandwich Board signs and any temporary facilities (e.g. tent, hut, shanty, stage, table, vehicle), except those which have been approved by a faculty or staff member or the designated representative of a University sponsored class or event in conjunction with that University sponsored class or event.

  7. REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Those student organizations registered with the Office of Student Life.

  8. SELF-DISTRIBUTION: Leaving a supply of free materials for persons to take if they wish at self-distribution locations.