Campus Mail

  1. The Campus Mail Service is maintained for the purpose of carrying messages relating to University business from (1) offices of the University and (2) individual members of the faculty, staff or student body. The Campus Mail Service will not carry personal messages between individuals or groups.

  2. A REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATION may send, by Campus Mail, announcements of the time and place of its meetings together with a short description of the purpose of its meetings to members of the Registered Student Organization. A Registered Student Organization may also send general announcements of the time and place of meetings or organization-sponsored events, together with short descriptions of the purposes of the meetings or events, to the general DISTRIBUTION lists maintained by the Campus Mail Service.

  3. All other material or communication, including PRINTED MATERIALS, will be delivered by the Campus Mail Service only if it is received from the U.S. Postal agency with sufficient postage attached.