​University Policies and Procedures
Affecting Advocacy Activities

Advocacy Policy Procedures and Guidelines

Central Michigan University has developed policies and procedures affecting advocacy activites on campus. Inquiries concerning these policies or questions concerning their interpretation may be addressed to the Director of Contracting and Purchasing Services, the Associate Vice President for University Communications or the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. Complaints arising in connection with political campaigning or advocacy activities on the campus shall be addressed to the Associate Vice President for University Communications. 

All Central Michigan University policies, procedures, and operating directives which affect advocacy activities on campus, whether or not they were developed for that specific purpose, are set forth in the Advocacy Policy. In each case the policies are intended to conform with certain assumed principles. These are:    
  1. The vast majority of Central Michigan University students have reached the legal age of majority and have all the rights and responsibilities of adult citizens.
  3. Informed political participation is a necessary element in the democratic process, and such participation is one of the obligations of citizenship.        
  5. Participation in the discussion of political and other public issues by University students is a desirable educational function and goal.
  7. The University, as a public agency supported by public revenues, maintains a posture of institutional neutrality with respect to partisan issues.