Mailroom FAQ

If you have questions regarding this information, please call us at (989) 774-3298


Q. Does the Central Mailroom handle bulk (standard) permit mailings?
A. Printing Services processes bulk (standard) permit mailings. Please contact them for additional information at (989) 774-3216.

Q. What time does the metered mail leave campus?
A. All metered mail leaves at 2:15 p.m. promptly everyday (M-F).

Q. When an envelope is returned with a hand pointing to the address and a note saying "return to sender"--what does it mean?
A. Any item being returned with the "hand stamp" on it is a dead piece of mail. The item MUST be placed in another envelope with the correct address and then re-mailed.

Q. How do I obtain more campus mail envelopes?
A. Campus envelopes are a stock item available at University Stores. They may be ordered by filling out a University Stores requisition using the following stock numbers: small ones are 102562 and large ones are 102563.

Q. Why do I have to put the department name in the return address as long as I have a CMU envelope?
A. When an envelope is returned to the Central Mailroom because of an incorrect address or for another reason, an envelope without a return address has to be opened to find out which department sent it. This can be eliminated if the envelope has a proper return address.

Q. When I receive a piece of mail with "Postage Due" marked on it, how do I pay?
A. Postage due and business reply are all charged back to the department through Accounting Services. There is no need for a department to pay these charges when they receive the mail.

Q. How many copies are needed for a campus distribution?
A. 1,800 copies are needed for a smaller distribution which includes all faculty, senior officers, and professional administrative employees, and 3,200 copies are needed for a large campus distribution which includes all faculty, staff and graduate assistants (all employees of the university).

Q. How long does it take for campus mail to be delivered?
A. Campus mail and incoming USPS mail take an average of one day to reach its destination once it has been received by the Central Mailroom. Delivery times can be shorter/longer by one day (i.e. same days vs. 2 day) depending on your delivery location and thus delivery time.