Moving & Delivery FAQ

​Q. How do I use the Moving Request?
A. Go to the Moving Request Form.

Fill out the form completely with all required informa​tion

List all items to be moved (i.e. 2 chairs, 1 table, or 2 complete work stations).

In the Comments Section of the form put any additional information that may be helpful to our staff when scheduling your move (i.e. special room access required, the times that the room should not be disturbed because of classes or meetings, or just to give a better description of the work that is required).

When you have completely filled in the form scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Submit button. The form will immediately be sent to Moving & Delivery. If you do not receive an acknowledgement immediately, upon submission, your moving request was not successfully submitted. Please call 774-3917 if you have problems submitting moving requests.

* If there is a problem with completing your moving request on the day that you have requested our staff will contact you to make alternative arrangements.

Q. When should I submit a Moving Request?
A. Anytime you want anything moved from Point A to Point B you need to submit a Moving Request. If submitting a moving request for large Department moves you should contact us in advance to allow as much time as possible for scheduling and planning. This advance notice will allow us to reserve the staff and equipment necessary to complete the move. Large moves (multiple offices and equipment) should be requested at least 3 weeks in advance.

Once you submit the moving request form successfully, you will receive an email acknowledgement with your specific Moving Request number. Each Moving Request is logged into our job tracking system and allows us to track all the moving work completed at CMU. Please print your acknowledgement for later reference.

Q. What will it cost to have a move completed?
A. In most cases there is no charge for our moving services. If Moving & Delivery personnel are required to work outside of normal business hours (overtime) the customer will be charged for the labor expenses associated with the work. Prior to any overtime work being started the customer will be consulted for approval.

Please include Moving & Delivery in your project planning. We can provide helpful information on preparing for a successful move. In addition to general moving tips we will be happy to provide you with a time and cost estimate prior to starting any project. Contact our office at (989) 774-3917.