ASCAP - General Campus License - Central Michigan University

Contract # : 500625427
Contact : Allen Alexander
Tel: (212) 621-6407​
License Coverage

  • Non-Dramatic Public Events & Performances
    e.g. Faculty/Staff/Student performances, a booked act (e.g., Garth Brooks);
    music played at a public event (e.g., records, CD's, tapes); concerts, parties, live entertainment.

Not Covered:

  • Dramatic Events
    e.g. Musicals, plays, operas, ballet performances, and music used as part of a play.
    You'll need a "grand rights" license.
  • Co-presentations and Co-sponsors
Current License Information
  • July 1, 2008 thru June 30, 2023
    License Agreement signed on June 4, 2008
Invoicing Information