Performance Licensing for Broadcasting and/or Webcasting

‚ÄčTerms Used

Webcasting - To place a recorded or "live" performance on the Internet; either the artist's or University's

Broadcasting - To broadcast an artist's original "live" or recorded performance (e.g., Garth Brook CD).

Performance - Non-dramatic performances of copyrighted compositions by faculty, staff and students.

General Information

Broadcasting and Webcasting license for Radio & TV is separate from the ASCAP and SESAC license and is currently covered under BMI.

All 3 vendors indicated that all internet licensing must remain separate from any other Performance/Broadcasting Agreement CMU may have for PBS or WMHW.

  • WMHW - (FM Radio, Moore Hall TV)
  • PBS - (Public Broadcasting) (Radio and TV)

Dramatic Events

All Dramatic Events must be covered under one of the following:
  • MTI: Musical Theatre International
  • R&H: Rogers & Hammerstein
  • Samuel French
Example: When a play is put on by the drama department, the professor must contact one of the above and obtain permissions, determine royalty obligations, if any, and pay royalty obligations.

Copying/Recording an Artist's Work for other than face to face instruction
  • Requires special permission (Master License)
  • You will need information such as, Artist, Song Title, Publisher, Writer, Label, Release Date.
    To search, use:
  • Directly contact the Recording Company for permissions (e.g., Sony, MCA, Interscope)