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If you have questions regarding this information, please call us at (989) 774-3048.

Q.How do I rent a vehicle?
A.It’s simple! You can make a reservation online or just give us a call at (989) 772-6108. Let us know that you are a CMU employee and you need to rent a vehicle. We will then set you up with the special rates designated for Central Michigan University employees and registered student organizations.

Q.Where are you located?
A.Our office is located at 4585 East Pickard, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858.

Q.What hours are you open?
A.Monday through Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Q.How much notice is needed to arrange for a vehicle?
A.To rent a car little or no advance notice is needed. For a specialty vehicle like a 15 passenger van, Sport Utility or Mini-van, please give us as much notice as possible. Specialty vehicles do require at least a 24-hour advance notice.

Q.What do I do if I need to return my vehicle when you are closed?
A.The car should be parked and locked up in Enterprise's parking lot with the keys placed in the drop box conveniently located on the front of Enterprise's building.

Q.What type of vehicles are available?
A.Enterprise will provide the two most recent model years of well maintained vehicles. Below are examples of the type of vehicles we carry:

- Compact (Versa, Focus, or similar)
- Standard (Malibu, Avenger, or similar)
- Full-size (Taurus, Impala, or similar)
- Specialty (Pick up trucks, Cargo Vans, SUV’s)
- Mini-Vans
- 15 Passenger Vans

Q.How do I pay for my rental?
A.Payment for daily rentals should be made with your CMU Business Credit Card, or personal credit card. Departments of the University will not be able to authorize a direct bill. When the CMU Business Credit Card is used, it is non-transferable, which means the contract must be signed by the person whose name appears on the card.

If your CMU Business Credit Card is being used, proper documentation must be maintained. This documentation must include purpose and destination of trip

Q.How much will a rental cost?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has designed a rate structure specifically for CMU employees and registered student organizations. Click below to view a specific rate table:
- Enterprise rates for origination INSIDE the State of Michigan
- Enterprise rates for origination OUTSIDE the State of Michigan

Q.How will the rental vehicle be insured?
A.CMU rates include collision coverage.

       Q.   Can I add additional drivers to the same credit card?

       A.   Yes.  Simply complete the Commercial Credit Application​ and                                              Credit Card  Authorization forms ​  and email them to Sarah Yager at                            You will receive a billing number to use for                                   rentals.  


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