Hotel Information

The Purchasing Department has prepared the following information regarding cost saving tips for travelers when traveling on University or personal business.

Several hotel/motel chains offer discount programs to state, government and educational employees. The discount amount is at the discretion of the franchise owner and may not be available in certain cities or under certain hotel occupancy conditions. Some hotels/motels may not offer special discount programs for educational employees, but may have corporate rate discounts that University employees can use. Discount rates can generate a good deal of savings and are definitely worth the inquiry. The following are tips on where and how to obtain these discounts. Reference them when making plans to travel on University business. Should you have any questions, please contact Makenzie Couling at

For your convenience, the toll-free (800) numbers for price inquiries and reservations of various hotel/motel chains and airlines are listed here.

To inquire about a possible discount, the University employee should do the following:

  • Indicate that he/she is employed by Central Michigan University, a state supported, non profit, educational institution.
  • Ask whether the particular hotel/motel offers a discount to educational employees as part of State or Government discounts.
  •  If the hotel/motel does not have a special discount program for educational employees, ask whether they have a corporate discount rate program that they will extend to you.

  •  When registering, you will probably be asked to prove eligibility for the educational rate or corporate rate by showing your CMU Faculty-Staff identification card.​​​​​​

 Purchasing has also secured discounted rates at local hotels. Select a hotel below for more information:  

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