Permit for Commercial Sales ( including Exceptions )

An application for a permit for commercial sales or solicitations (and for fund-raising by persons or groups other than Registered Student Organizations) shall be filed no less than five working days prior to the start of the activity. Permits for commercial sales or solicitations activities originate in the Contracting and Purchasing Services Department. Permits for such activities in residence halls must also be approved in the Residence Life Office.

  1. Where an activity falls within the scope of the current University Policy/Procedures Affecting Advocacy Activities, those rules apply.

  2. Speakers or performers appearing on the campus under contract with the University or a Registered Student Organization who wishes to sell items in connection with their appearance will request a specific stipulation to that effect in the performance contract and will be governed by the strict conditions of the signed contract and only in areas predetermined by the Building Coordinator, and University Events in conjunction with Risk Management.

  3. University units whose assigned functions involve sale of food or merchandise or the solicitations of funds for official University purposes are exempt from these regulations as long as the selling or solicitation activity falls within the assigned function. (Example: contracted Dining Services, Bookstore, Development, etc.)

  4. Companies providing campus-wide services and who are currently under contract (e.g. vending companies) with the University are exempt from these regulations as to solicitation or sale of those services. This provision applies to vending machines on campus for the sale of newspapers and similar publications. These agreements may allow the installation and maintenance of the machines either inside or outside of buildings. The Purchasing and Contracting Services office is responsible for identifying periodically those locations where the University will and will not allow such machines.

  5. Non-University groups, who reserve or rent University facilities for an event, may engage in fund-raising or commercial sales or solicitations only as specified by the terms of their agreement with the University as determined by the Building Coordinator, University Events and Risk Management and only within the facilities or immediately outside the area where the event is engaged.

  6. Commercial solicitation materials may be left for self-distribution in designated buildings, in accord with the provisions in the University Policies and Procedures Affecting Advocacy Activities.