Criteria for Issuing Permit

A permit for commercial sales or solicitations on campus will be issued if the following criteria is met :
  1. The person or organization certifies that it will comply with all applicable provisions of local, state, and federal law in the conduct of the activity, including the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, the Michigan Civil Rights Act, and when applicable, the Michigan Home Solicitations Sales Act.

  2. The person or organization can demonstrate they have obtained all of the applicable licenses and permits.

  3. Fund-raisers for non-profit groups state the organization, which will receive the proceeds of the fund-raising activity and to what extent a private individual will benefit.

  4. The person or organization provides documents that they have the applicable insurance coverage.

  5. The person or organization did not violate the applicable provisions of local, state, and federal laws or University regulations when they previously operated on the campus.

  6. The person or organization agrees that no handbill, sign, poster or other advertising material shall be attached to the external walls of any campus building, to internal walls in the public areas of any building, or to any doors or windows; nor shall any such material be attached to poles, trees, sidewalks, or be erected or placed on open campus grounds, or placed on car windshields parked on University property.