Fund-Raising on Campus by Non-Registered Student Organizations


  1. Fund-Raising by anyone other than Registered Student Organizations shall be regulated in the same way as Commercial Sales, except as indicated below.

  2. Certain benevolent community fund-raising efforts may obtain continuing approval for their regular campaigns on the campus. These fund-raising efforts shall comply with the rules for fund-raising by Registered Student Organizations, except that direct employee solicitations are allowed. The following group presently has continuing approval: United Way of Isabella County

  3. Fund-Raising may occur door-to-door in residence halls by community groups in possession of a permit approved by the Residence Life Office. Such activity is subject to the time, place, and manner limits established by each Residence Hall Council and posted in a conspicuous place near the main entrance to the building. Students may post notice on their doors requesting that no solicitations be conducted in that room. Residence halls which restrict a person of a particular sex from certain areas may restrict fund-raising agents of the restricted sex from those areas.

  4. Fund-raising events for a charity conducted by organized groups of CMU employees shall comply with either the Fund-Raising process and rules for Registered Student Organizations or the processes and rules governing Commercial Sales. The sponsor may choose which process will be used.