Equipment GL Accounts

Purchasing will only correct GL accounts that are submitted incorrectly.
If you have any questions please call Purchasing at (989) 774-3929.

Taggable Equipment​
​GL     ​​Description
​​801000     ​​For capitalized equipment ($5,000 and higher)
​801​100​     For upgrades / components of capitalized equipment. 
(Note: if the upgrade has a cost of $10,000 or higher, the original piece of equipment's tag number will be included on the PO.)
​801300     ​For upgrades / components of equipment less than $5,000 
​805200     ​For taggable equipment less than $5,000
Non-Taggable Equipment
​GL     Description​
​​805000     ​Equipment fixed to a structure or building (non-movable)
​​805500     ​​​​​For non-taggable equipment less than $1000