Commercial Sales and Solicitations

[Fill out the Solicitation/Fund-Raising Form]]

Vendors requesting a permit for commercial sales and solicitations on campus must fill out the "Solicitations Fund-Raising Petition" which has been included with this information. The petition must be submitted 5 working days prior to the requested start date of the activity. This petition originates from and must be approved by the Purchasing Department.
Commercial Sale is any transaction where money is exchanged or where a financial obligation is entered into for goods or services offered, except where such activity constitutes fund-raising.

Commercial Solicitation is any personal contact or door-to-door interaction with persons for the purpose of disseminating information about products or services, offering goods or services for sale, or encouraging attendance at commercial demonstrations or sales. Commercial solicitation includes, but is not limited to, the personal distribution of application for credit cards.

Please note that no person or vendor shall conduct commercial sales or solicitations on the CMU campus without a properly issued, current, written permit in his/her possession.