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Q. Does CMU provide me liability insurance when traveling abroad?

Yes, CMU employees traveling abroad for official University business/academic purposes are entitled to coverages under the following policies: Foreign Liability; Kidnap and Ransom; Travel Accident; Auto Rental Insurance; Errors & Omissions; Workers' Compensation.

Q. Who is CMU's Foreign Liability Policy with and what is covered?

CMU has a Foreign Liability Policy with Chartis WorldRisk. The policy covers the University and its Employees when acting within the scope of their​ employment.
Employee coverages include:

General Liability
Foreign Business Auto Liability & Physical Damage

Business Travel Property
Medical Evacuation/Repatriation
24 Hour Travel Guard Assistance
Other Benefits of Executive Assistance include:
Access to Chartis Travel Guard Services and Employee ID Cards.

Q. What is Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance?

Medical evacuation insurance, when deemed medically necessary, will provide funds to send a person to the nearest medical facility that can properly treat that person's condition. Repatriation insurance provides funds to return the body of a person who dies in a foreign country to the United States. Most health insurance companies do not cover these types of claims.

Q. Are any countries or territories excluded or restricted from coverage under  CMU's Foreign Liability Policy?

Yes, insurance coverage, provided under CMU's Foreign Liability Policy, excludes some countries and territories, or are restricted due to US law, (violations of US law voids coverage and may result in uninsurable fines and penalties). See website for an updated list of economic, trade or OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctioned countries.

Q. When traveling abroad, what coverage is provided by CMU's Travel Accident Insurance?

Employees and students traveling abroad on authorized University travel (excluding vacations and everyday travel to and from work) are provided coverage for accidental death or dismemberment. The University pays the full premium and you are not required to enroll. Coverage amounts and certain exclusions apply, including activities undertaken while on CMU business but unrelated to furthering the business of CMU.

Q. Will my CMU Business Card provide auto physical damage insurance coverage when I rent a vehicle outside the U.S.?

In general, coverage is available worldwide, but there are exceptions. You may be unable to use this service in Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland. Because regulations vary outside the U.S., it is recommended you check with your car rental company or call 1-800-VISA-911 to verify coverage at the particular location you are traveling to. Coverage is for autos, meaning a 4-wheeled private passenger type vehicle designed for public roads. Coverage period is 31 consecutive days. Coverage is primary with no deductible. In the event of a claim you should call the VISA Benefit Administrator at 1-800-VISA-911. If you are outside the United States, call collect at 0-410-581-9994. For more detailed information view on-line at: Card Benefit Services

Q. Does the University carry insurance to cover Kidnap and Ransom?

 CMU's Kidnap and Ransom policy provides coverage to employees and students while participating in activities sponsored by CMU.

Q. Does the University carry insurance to cover University money transported abroad (Cash Economy)?

CMU has a Fidelity and Crime policy but it does not cover money losses when traveling.

Q. What should I do if something goes wrong while abroad that I think the University should know about?

Should something happen or occur which may cause you or CMU to be liable it is extremely important that the incident be reported promptly and that you not wait until you return from the trip. A copy of an incident form is attached for your reference and as an example of important information. When necessary, the form should be completed and forwarded to the Office of Risk Management for further handling.

Q. When traveling abroad, are CMU students covered under CMU's liability policies?

For the most part no. When traveling abroad, only employees of the University are fully covered under CMU Foreign Liability; Errors & Omissions; Auto; and Workers' Compensation policies. However, registered study abroad and Plan B status students have some coverage benefits under CMU's Foreign Liability, Kidnap and Ransom and Travel Accident policies. Plan B status students are students studying abroad for academic credit but not as part of the Study Abroad/Faculty Led Program. Additionally, registered study abroad/Plan B status students do have available to them affordable insurance which includes medical evacuation/repatriation through an Outbound Domestic Student Blanket Insurance Policy arranged by CMU. It is required all students purchase coverage through this policy. CMU students with study abroad or Plan B status should be referred to the Office of Study Abroad for details and assistance.

Q. Are dependents, non-Study Abroad/Plan B status students, or other accompanying faculty or staff on a University approved trip covered by CMU's liability policies?

No, dependents, non-Study Abroad/Plan B status students, or other accompanying faculty or staff on a University approved trip are not covered by CMU's insurance policies or emergency assistance programs. It is recommended these individuals inquire about their own personal coverage while in a foreign country.

 If you have questions or comments, please contact:

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