Art Exhibition Information

University Insurance Coverage for Exhibits on Loan

Exhibits loaned to the university, while under the care and custody of Central Michigan University, are covered under the university's property policy and subject to the same deductible as university property. The university's policy carries a $100,000 per occurrence deductible and the department is responsible for the first $1,000.

In order for exhibits on loan to the university to be covered under this policy, we are required to inform our insurance carrier of scheduled exhibits. You may complete the Proposed Art Exhibition Form. Upon completion, this form should be submitted to Risk Management, 1303A West Campus Drive or you may e-mail


Q.Because of the high cost of engaging an art mover to transport artwork for an exhibit, we would like to rent a van and have someone drive to collect and bring the artwork to Mount Pleasant. Can we do this? If so, are there liability issues in the arrangement that we should be aware of?

A. CMU does not carry insurance to cover "loaned artwork in transport." Anything that happens to the artwork while a CMU employee is transporting it will be the full responsibility of the department borrowing the artwork (out of the pocket expenses). We typically advise the department to purchase insurance through the shipper when shipped to campus, or in this case, from the art mover.

Other "liability" exposures to consider are worker's compensation (if an employee is injured during the course of this assignment) and auto liability (if the rented van is involved in an accident). Auto physical damage exposures for the rented van can be passed on to a third party, assuming insurance is arranged either through the CMU business credit card or purchased from the rental company.