Notary Bonds

​​​​Notary Public Information

For Notary Public Form, please click here.

If you are currently a Notary Public or wish to become a Notary Public, please go to for detailed information regarding the Michigan Notary Public Act which became effective 4/1/04. As of 4/1/04, new laws regarding fees, restrictions and liability went into effect.

Before a notary performs any notarial act, the notary is required to read the Notary Public Act, 2000 PA 238 (MCL 55.261 to 55.315) and the Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act, 1969 PA 57 (MCL 565.261 to 565.270). Electronic copies of both acts are available at

Under the new law, active Michigan notary publics retain their commissions and are not required to reapply until their commissions are about to expire. The first step in the Application Process is to acquire a $10,000.00 Surety Bond. You may acquire the required bond by filling out the “REQUEST FOR NOTARY” form which is page 2 in this section and also in the Forms section of our website.

Please check whether this is a New request or a Renewal. Fill out your name as you will be signing it, Home Address, City, State, Zip, County, Date of Birth, and Renewal Date if you are requesting Reappointment.

The form is then to be sent to the attention of Risk Management via interoffice mail or     e-mail and the Risk Management office will continue the process of obtaining the Surety Bond you need. When sending your request for a Surety Bond, please remember to supply Risk Management with your Department Cost Center and General Ledger Account.

If you should happen to receive your original bond from Western Surety Company and an invoice from CNA Surety, please make a copy of all the bonding documents. You may keep the original bonds so you can proceed with the next step. Also, please send the original invoice to attention Risk Management, as we handle all insurance payments. We will do a journal entry to transfer the cost to your department.