Student Information

​​​​Student Personal Property Insurance

Click here for the Student Property Damage Form.

CMU’s Residence Hall Agreement reads:

The university is not liable for the loss of or damage to money, property or other valuables belonging to resident or any other person. Resident is responsible for acquiring any insurance which resident may desire for resident’s protection from liability and property damages.

Students’ personal belongings should be covered by their parents’ homeowner’s policy or their personal tenant’s policy.

The office of Risk Management is providing several web sites that offer tenant’s policies. Risk Management is providing this information for your convenience only, not as a recommendation.

Smash-A-Car Events

The waiver of liability for Smash-A-Car Events is available here.

  1. Waiver form is required (participating minors need parental/guardian signature). Sample of waiver follows.
  2. Insurance is required of all groups not covered under CMU policies (e.g. Student Government Association and Residence Hall Assembly are examples of organizations considered part of CMU and, therefore, are covered under CMU insurance policy. Organizations not considered part of CMU (e.g. Registered Student Organizations) should click HERE​ for CMU Facility Usage Insurance Requirements.
  3. When applicable, Risk Management requires verification of CMU sponsored events.
  4. Authorization to use premises must be obtained. See University Events, etc.
  5. Vehicle - Remove all glass, headlights, tail lights and fluids (including but not limited to fuels, antifreeze, oil, gasoline, etc.). Removed engine preferred.
  6. Event area must be roped off to protect bystanders - 25 ft. clearance.
  7. Participant must use a mallet to strike vehicle. Gloves and safety glasses must be worn.
  8. Only one person at a time may participate.
  9. Participant must not stand on vehicle.