Financial Responsibility Statement

By completing registration at Central Michigan University for this semester, you agree to financial responsibility for all charges, including tuition and fees on your student account. 

Your registration constitutes understanding of these financial responsibilities:

  • ​You will be responsible to return any refunds that are generated from dropping or withdrawing from classes if those classes were paid for from financial aid (including loans) or third-party programs.
  • You acknowledge that non-attendance does not relieve you of your financial responsibility for the courses which you are enrolling in. You understand that you must adhere to university deadlines and procedures for dropping or withdrawing from courses and will be responsible for all costs of associated fees and tuition percentages when doing so.
  • You will receive monthly email notifications to your CMU email address, notifying you of an electronic statement, which includes your account balance information and due dates.
  • If tuition payment is not received by the due date, you will receive a $100 non-payment of tuition charge (excludes off campus programs).
  • A $100 late registration fee will be charged if the initial registration for the semester is made on the first day of the semester or later (excludes off-campus programs).
  • A late fee of $30 will be charged monthly for any past due amount of $60 or more. A $1.00 late fee will be charged monthly to any past due amount under $60.00.
  • Past due accounts may be referred to a collection agency. If referred, your account will be assessed collection fees, plus court costs and attorneys fees, of up to 28% of the balance. You will be responsible for all court costs and attorney fees if legal action is pursued. Once an account is referred to a collection agency, the past due account will be reported to a credit ​​b​ureau.
  • Any student registered for a fall semester with a past due balance of $200 or greater will be removed from all registered courses on August 1st. All students will receive prior notification of the registration removal after the July billing statements have been issued (approximately the first week in July). If past due balances are not brought current after notification is sent and before August 1st, registration from courses for the fall semester will be removed.
  • CMU reserves the right to suspend campus ID privileges at any time due to a past due balance greater than $100 including but not limited to meal plan, computer lab, library, bookstore, and FLEX privileges. If campus ID privileges are suspended, the student is still responsible for any outstanding balance owed to the University and no refund will be given.
  • CMU reserves the right to place a pre-payment hold on any student account where the student exhibits a poor payment history. This pre-payment hold would require advance payment in full prior to registering.
  • Central Michigan University may use an automated calling system and a pre-recorded message to contact you by phone in reference to an outstanding account, to any phone number provided to the university.