Contact Information

If you have questions about your student account, contact the Student Account Services and University Billing Office at 989-774-3618 or

Please supply your campus ID number in all correspondence.

University Billing, Warriner Hall #105

Brian Bell
Director, SASUB
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Kimberly Roe
SLCM Systems Analyst
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Bethany Cole
Student Account Analyst
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OneCentral, Bovee University Center #119

​Dan Odykirk
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Jessie Barber
Assistant Manager
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Krystyl Garrett
Student Service Advisor
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​Karlee Herzog
Student Service Advisor
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Shaun Jacobs
Student Service Advisor
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Hillary Williams
Student Service Advisor
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Joneil Cook​
Student Support
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Nicole Zainea
Student Support
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Johnnie Boughner
Student Support
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Delbert Garrett
Student Support
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 Denise Little
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Financial Operations, Smith Hall #103

Karmen Grondin
Collections Manager
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Donna Kalahar
Senior Collections Specialist
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Cherie Kunkel
Collections Specialist
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​Chadwick Roe
Operations Manager
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​Lee Green
Exec. Specialist
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Heather Ries
Registration Support
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Brittany Drexler
Third Party Support
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Amy Darmody
Third Party Support
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