Parent PLUS Loan Refunds

Warriner Hall
Federal Parent PLUS Loans are disbursed directly to students’ billing accounts. When applied in combination with student loans and other financial aid, Parent PLUS loans are the first to be disbursed. 
Borrowers may elect to receive refunds of overpayments directly in certain cases. Any credit balance up to the amount of the student’s financial aid award is first refunded to the student. If a credit balance remains, that amount can be refunded to the Parent PLUS borrower(s). 
Direct Deposit
A letter will be mailed which contains an identification (business partner) number and verification code. Upon receipt, the borrower(s) should navigate to the following website: 
Provide your business partner number, verification code and birthdate to log in then follow the prompts to set up your direct deposit account.
If you have questions about your direct deposit, call Student Account Service and University Billing at 989-774-3618 or e-mail us at
Information about the Parent PLUS Loan is available at the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website.​​ Email or call 989-774-3674 with general questions about the Parent PLUS loan.