Performance Review Information

​Welcome, and thank you for checking out these resources on the performance review system here at Central Michigan University.   

The three short videos below provide you with a quick overview of the performance review system, and best practices for using it for great conversations throughout the year. 

Everyone should watch the first two videos (24 minutes total) and if you are a supervisor you should watch all three. 

Purpose and Intent of the Performance Review System (10 minute video): Covers how the four needs of employees are built into the performance review process and the cycle for how it is to be used throughout the year. 

Your Review (14 minute video): Focuses on how to use each of the four sections of the review form to have great conversations with your supervisor throughout the year. 

The Supervisor Review Form (14 minute video): Covers the mechanics of how to use the supervisor review form and shares some best practices for having great conversations with your direct reports. 

The links to the right provide further information about the review process. 

Thanks again for visiting. If you have further questions about the review process or would like confidential coaching on its use for particular conversations, please feel free to contact Harley Blake, Manager of Professional Development Programs directly at x1073, or 

To access the online Performance Review functionality for staff positions go to