Leadership Standards - Trainings and Resources

Team Building

Develops a collaborative and supportive team through trust, being approachable, celebrating success and developing team members.

Thoughtful, Open Communicators

Solicits information from many sources, listens well, and disseminates information in a clear, concise, and timely fashion.


Caring, compassionate and responsive, providing the best possible service for internal and external constituents alike.

Proactive, Responsible, and Accountable

Takes responsibility for own actions, holds others accountable for theirs, takes on challenges, and promotes innovation.

Courageous and Effective

Takes stands, handles conflict well, uses goals for direction, and is open to change and to others' ideas.

Focused on Students and Passionate about CMU

Speaks well of CMU, believes in its positive impact in the lives of students and beyond, and prioritizes the university's and students' needs.