January 2016
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In this issue:
  • DigMichNews Mini-Grant Contest
  • Angling Exhibit Wrapping Up in February
  • New Exhibit Coming Soon
  • Recent Blog (and Twitter) Posts
  • Spring Semester Hours

DigMichNews Mini-Grant Voting January 19-26

The competition for the 2015-16 Michigan Digital Newspaper Grant is well under way with 5 finalists vying for a $2,500 award allowing them to make their historic newspapers available on the Internet. The digitized papers will be digitized and uploaded into the CMU Online Digital Object Repository (CONDOR). The finalists are, in no particular order (sponsoring institutions are in parentheses):

  • Clinton County Republican News (DeWitt Public Library)
  • L'Anse Sentinel (L'Anse Area Schools/Baraga County Public Library)
  • Polish Daily News [English Edition] (Polish Mission/Orchard Lake Schools)
  • Alpena News and Michigan Labor Journal (Alpena Public Library)
  • Houghton Lake Resorter (Houghton Lake Public Library)

From January 19-26, the Clarke will host an election where the public gets to choose the community that will receive the award.  Voting will be in the form of tweets on Twitter (check out the list of finalists with Tweet generators next to each finalist!) and Michigan picture postcards mailed to the Clarke.

Tweets counts as one vote and simply need to include the proper hashtag - #DigClinton, #DigLAnse, #DigPolNews, #DigAlpena, or #DigResorter (it's easy with our Tweet generators). Tweets will count if they are tweeted during the January 19-26 voting period.

Picture postcards count for ten votes and must be individually mailed to the Clarke. Bulk mailings of postcards will not count (with the exception of unique handmade postcards produced as part of a class or library project). Be sure to write the name of the newspaper and community you would like to vote for on the postcard. Postcards must be postmarked on January 19 or after and must be received by the Clarke at 5:00 pm on January 26 in order to count.

Keep up with the latest about the DigMichNews Mini-Grant by following Michigan Digital Newspapers on Twitter (@DigMichNews) and Facebook (DigMichNews).

Angling Exhibit Wrapping Up in February

The Clarke's current exhibit, The Michigan Angler: An Early History of Sport Fishing, will be available for viewing into February 2016. Come explore this visually stunning exhibit that shares the history of the relationship between fishing and the state of Michigan.

Fishing has been i
ngrained in Michigan's history since the Native Americans’ subsistence harvest of the abundant white fish. In the late 1800s, the writings of prolific angler Charles Lanman introduced the vast opportunities that awaited the ‘Michigan angler,’ fueling the relatively recent hobby of angling. The stories of subsistence to commercial fishing, the discovery to extinction of the grayling, and those of the many people whose lives have been immersed in Michigan angling illustrate the profound impact fishing has had on the development of the state.

New Exhibit Coming Soon

After our angling exhibit comes to a close, we will bring you an exciting exhibit entitled, Native Treaties - Shared Rights.

Land. Rights. Education. These were some of the things affected when the United States and Native governments signed treaties. The documents created agreements that profoundly changed both the Federal Government and the Native tribes. Europeans gained perpetual right to the land they called the United States. In return Native Americans gained many guarantees, some granted for as long as the United States existed. Explore how land, rights, and education came together as indigenous people and the United States Government created the legal understanding that underlies today’s State of Michigan.

Recent News Posted on the Clarke Blog

The Clarke News and Notes blog was busy in December, just like our reading room, which Clarke Director Frank Boles highlighted in a post about how busy we were. Boles also explored the real name of the seventh reindeer - is it Donner or Donder - through first editions of classic Christmas tales. We also had a post exploring a CMU tradition, especially during the cold winter months - A Cappella singing groups.

If brevity is more your cup of tea, we featured some great photos on our Twitter page (@Clarke_Library) including 7 first editions of Huckleberry Finn, a historic image of CMU students studying, a first edition of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, a front page story marking a historic CMU bowl victory, and the first American editions for the entire Harry Potter series.

Keep up with News and Notes blog as well as our Twitter (@Clark_Library) and Facebook (ClarkeHistoricalLibrary) pages for the latest news, announcements, and interesting finds from the Clarke.

Spring Semester Hours

The Clarke is open to assist with all of your research needs from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Beginning January 16, the Clarke will be open  Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. As always, feel free to contact us by phone (989-774-3352) or e-mail (clarke@cmich.edu) with your inquiries.