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Detroit's Broadside Press


Ballad of BirminghamDudley Randall, (1914-), created the Broadside Press in 1965 in Detroit, Michigan. The press was run out of his home, with limited funds, but managed to publish the major African-American poetry of the time. The list of new and established poets published by Broadside Press is impressive as the following bibliography illustrates. Randall founded Broadside Press to publish his own poetry but soon expanded to include other poets with focus on producing inexpensive but quality broadsides and books. All profits from the sales were put back into the company as Randall supported himself with his position as librarian at the University of Detroit. In 1978 Black Enterprise magazine called Randall, "The father of the black poetry movement."

Randall sold Broadside Press in 1985 to Hilda and Donald Vest who continue to operate the Press.

The Clarke Historical Library has a collection of Broadside Press publications, excluding the tapes, which may be consulted in our Reading Room. The illustrations are produced with the permission of Broadside Press.

The Clarke Library is not the agent for the press. Those seeking to contact Broadside Press may use this link: (Updated May 2015​)

This site was compiled by Evelyn Leasher in 1999 from material found in the collection of the Clarke Historical Library.

Books Alphabetical order by Author

Broadside Press Posters in the Order Published

Broadside Series in the Order Published

Broadside Voices. Tapes of Poets Reading Their Own Works. Alphabetical by Poet.

Group Readings on Tape

Deep River ​- A portfolio ​of poems by 20 con​​​temporary black Americans, 1974​