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As a visual representation of the relationships between spaces, maps can be guides for our travels, a new perspective on our current location, or tools that give us information about far off places. Historical maps add a layer of time, showing us how people envisioned the relationships between spaces before the era of the Global Positioning System or even aerial photography. The historical maps found in the holdings of the Clarke Historical Library document the evolution of how Michigan, the Great Lakes, North America, and the World have been viewed over the past 500 years.

Part of the collection of maps held at the Clarke was brought together by William Lee Jenks. Jenks was a Port Huron lawyer, banker, and businessman who devoted his leisure time to the study of history. He advocated for the creation of the Port Huron Public Library and was a member of the Michigan Historical Commission, including a stint as president. His work with Louis Karpinski and the Michigan Historical Commission on a bibliography of historical maps of Michigan led to the creation of a 1931 volume that remains a valuable resource in the study of Michigan and Great Lakes cartography.

Maps_Using.jpgThe database of over 300 maps, accessible via the link below, provides basic information about each of the maps in the Clarke holdings including the creator, title, date, description, known bibliographic citations, and a low-resolution image. The database is searchable via single or compound keywords (e.g. Detroit or Lake Michigan), but cannot be searched for multiple unrelated words or phrases. For more information about any of the maps found in this database, please contact the Clarke.

Clarke Historical Map Database

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