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Civil War

Father Baraga, 1864 -
"Since my last report many things have happened in these unhappy States. Our most destructive civil war rages more violently than ever. Our President does not want to hear of any proposals of peace & has lately ordered a conscription of half a million soldiers. The whole country suffers in consequence; everything is twice & three times as dear as formerly & the country is being deprived of its most active & useful citizens. Our missionaries suffer very much as a matter of course. Everywhere they complain that many members of their congregations are being taken away, others flee to Canada for fear that they will be compelled to serve in the war."
- From his correspondence with Leopoldine Foundation, in
F. Rezek, His. Diocese etc.., p. 1841

1 Rev. Antoine Ivan Rezek, History of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie and Marquette; Containing a Full and Accurate Account of the Development of the Catholic Church in Upper Michigan, with Portraits of Bishops, Priests and Illustrations of Churches Old and New, vols. 1 & 2. Houghton, MI: 1906-07.