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P. 62
[See also "Fishing"]
Charles Smith & Curtis - see "B. I. Girls;" Smith lived in the house where Lawrence lives
now, & the shop was on the beach below.
Williams - he lived in the log cabin that stood below the Medical Center.
A. Potvins - He was a Mormon who stayed on. He appears often in the Dormer book, as does
"Potvins' Shop."
John Gallup - see "B.I. Girls"
Hercules Lashontz - see "B.I. Girls;" this family were Mackinac Island French, not Indian
James McCann - his shop was burned by his enemies
C. R. Wright - settled at Cable's Dock around 1850; left in '52, was back by 1857. (Was this
the "Charley Wright" of "B.I. Girls"?)
Van Riper - he came from Detroit & started a large cooper shop at the Point. He was Mrs.
Williams' 1st husband.
Green - according to Johnny Green, there was a cooper here named Green before Johnny's
Budwine - lived in the log house I remember, on the Hotel grounds.
The "half-barrels" the fishermen used were about 30" long. The coopers were very destructive of the timber (according to Lawrence). They would cut down a pine, & then if it did not split off just right & split easily in the thin layers they wanted they would abandon it & go on to another tree.
(See card under Fishing.)
C. R. Wright, cooper, settled at Cable's dock around 1850; left 1852, returned 1857.