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Green's Bay Settlement

P. 61
Johnny Green said there were 12 families. The list he gave me:
Dan Boyle - Maria says he was at French Bay
Bonner (French Bay) - this is not Black Bonner
John O'Donnell - homesteaded
Dominic Gallagher
O'Brien (DeBriae - Wilfred's father) - MacFadden's Point
The above is the list as he gave it. Maria (she is probably right) says Dan Boyle was at French Bay, & it must have been Wilfred's grandfather.
Lawrence says Greene's Bay was a wonderful harbor & that they set their pond-nets right there.
Other families must have been:
White Dan Green
Red Dan Green
Owen Green
Anthony O'Donnell - filed for land there & I am not sure whether it was Salty or the one
who married Sophia

Conn McCauley filed for land in July 1863 - can. 1877.