Research Computing at CMU

The Office of Information Technology has many expert technology staff that are here to partner with faculty to assist them with their research ideas. Specific information about CMU's IT environment might be necessary in order to fulfill certain requirements when securing grants and contracts, or it might be necessary to engage subject-matter experts from OIT to review and/or sign off on grant or contract terms and conditions, such as data use agreements. This applies to all research and data-intensive or data-based work, including surveys and papers, and private and publicly-available data, in all areas of University scholarship and operations.

To request assistance, please visit ouResearch IT Support Service to get started.

OIT can assist with many research needs such as:

  • Identifying suitable computing infrastructure (computers, storage, network, security, etc.)
  • Collaboration tools for sharing data securely
  • Identifying suitable analysis or computational software
  • Identifying suitable data collection instruments and survey tools
  • Evaluating and executing data use agreements (DUAs) and how to secure your research data
  • Helping get answers to your technical and security questions before submitting research project to IRB and ORGS
  • Identifying programming and database services

CMU provides a continuum of computing resources to support research on identified and de-identified, public, protected, and restricted data, in individual, group, departmental, school, and university-wide implementations.  Computing resources range from low intensity, single-user local and multi-location solutions, to broad, survey-based data collection and processing, to high-intensity, high-speed, heavy-compute and visualization environments (through local cluster or super-computing partnership arrangement).  To read more, please download our Computing Infrastructure for Faculty Researchers whitepaper.

We are looking forward to partnering with you and providing the right tools for your research.