IT Strategic Plan


The OIT Strategic Plan documented here has been modified to adjust for the goals of Advancing Excellence: CMU Strategic Plan, yet continues to include a number of incomplete long-term initiatives inaugurated in the FY16 version of this plan.


This plan was developed under the leadership of CMU's Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.  It is intended to provide a broad roadmap for the development and application of the university's technology environment.  Specific actions and projects will be outlined in  a series of reports and updates documenting the work produced and planned against this plan.  As the plan evolves, annual plans, updates, and reports will be used to monitor its progress.

The high-level organizational structure of OIT has been organized to optimize performance against this plan.  This diagram is a conceptual representation of the functions of OIT and the leaders of those respective functions.


Throughout the execution of the plan, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will continue to benchmark its progress using a variety of inputs.  

  • OIT has regularly conducted a campus-wide technology satisfaction survey and will continue to do so.  In order to document the effective execution of this plan, that survey will be revised to ensure that appropriate, measurable feedback is obtained concerning 1) the effectiveness and completeness of the feature sets included in IT services, 2) the performance of those services, and 3) the effectiveness of the IT processes that deliver them. 
  • OIT conducts an internal annual benchmarking survey using the Gartner ITscore Maturity Index.
  • OIT uses Help Desk surveys on an on-going basis to assess customer satisfaction with ticket resolution. 

All metrics are used in long-term and annual planning and tracked longitudinally in our annual reports.